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What is it that makes girls cry?

It’s a fact. We cry more than men: 30 to 54 times a year against 6 to 17. Such disparity is difficult to explain. Are our lives more exhausting or harder to manage? Nothing like that at all. According to a new study carried out by a German ophthalmology company, crying is a physiological phenomenon. Our tears flow under the influence of a female sex hormone called Prolactin. Secreted from adolescence to menopause, this hormone acts on our ocular tissues’ receivers, thus triggering a lachrymatory reflex.
In short, crying is neither the prerogative of sensitive souls, nor an inevitable sign of weakness. Justification for you if your eyes succumb when you see your next weepie movie.

Source: study conducted by DOG, Deutsche Ophtalmologische Gesellschaft (German Ophthalmology Company).

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