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Good Beauty Resolutions

Which Will Yours Be In 2013?

If there is a period of the year when we decide to do things well, it is January with its good resolutions to be kept… let's say… for as long as possible.

To look after yourself better, to get into good beauty habits - each has her own list
Obviously, the hardest bit is not to make a resolution but to keep it, unfailingly or at least with a minimum of variations.

So let's be reasonable in our choices: getting up at six in the morning every day to do 45 minutes of lengths in the swimming pool or becoming vegan because it's good for us and for the planet would perhaps be an overly ambitious start!

It is sometimes the simpler habits to be got into that will have the most effect for us: taking better care of your skin (daily make-up removal, regular hydration and waxing), achieving the famous five fruit and vegetables per day, avoiding escalators and lifts, no longer putting sugar in your coffee and replacing coffee with green tea…

And you, which will be your good beauty resolution for 2013?