Cosmetic trends and you


Which one has marked you the most?

It is not only on podiums and in our press advertisements that we see extraordinary or outstanding make-up that will need make-up removal of the same calibre: in films also, we see make-up that is really extraordinary.

Make-up indeed allows actors to forge their own identities and helps them to get into character better, to incarnate it in the literal sense of the term.

From the magnetic eyes of Elisabeth Taylor in Cleopatra to the scheming face of Johnny Depp in The Mad Hatter, the variations are almost infinite.

All this requires many meticulous and often time-consuming make-up techniques. In particular, no less than five hours of make-up were needed every day in order to age Brad Pitt in his role of Benjamin Button…

And you, which of these make-up effects have marked you the most?